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January 12th, 2018

It was in the wake of World War I that Antonio de Francisci's Peace dollar (1921-1928, and 1934-1935) was first minted, reflecting a weary world's sentiment that the time for expressions of peace had finally arrived. Today, Peace dollars, including the 1934-S $1 NGC MS62, are highly sought after by savvy, expert coin dealers and refined amateur coin collector enthusiasts.

In contrast to its renowned predecessor, the Morgan Silver dollar, whose imagery highlighted America's intensifying role on the world stage, the Peace dollar silver coindisplays the majestic bald eagle grasping olive branches above an inscription of PEACE, while rays of sunshinelight the way into an inspirednew future. Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Dollarsboth pay homage to "liberty", whose image appearson the obverse (heads) side. Demonstrating his smarts as not only a sculptor, de Francisci chose his wife, Teresa, as his muse for the face of liberty on the exquisite Peace dollar silver coin. Smooth...

For the best coin dealers and numismatic experts, the 1934-S $1 NGC MS62Peace Dollar and 1934 S $1 NGC MS61 Peace Dollar, are exceptional gems that lend instant credibility to any numismatic collection of ancient monies, certified coins or proof coin sets. Morgan Silver dollars and Peace dollars are living expressions of American perseverance and hope in the future. Investing in them renews that optimistic spirit and expectations for better times ahead.

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