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January 12th, 2018

Beyond the baseline value of the gold used to mint the $5 Indian Head, Classic Head and Liberty Gold coin series, there are far more important reasons why experienced numismatists and rare coin dealershave at least a few of these historical, $5 gold coin gems in their collections.

The $5 Gold coin was minted for some 70 years, making it relatively easy to find one through an experienced coin dealer. That said, the $5 Indian Head Gold coin was minted for only around 20 years (1908-1929) and the Classic Head $5 gold coin for only four (1824-1838), creating exceptional investment opportunities for rare coin aficionados.

$5 Liberty Gold coinsfrom broadly circulated years sell for just a few hundred dollars, while rare $5 Gold coins minted in small batches fetch retail prices into the thousands.For examples, the following $5 Liberty Gold and Indian Head Gold coins have been featured on

$5 Gold 1838 $5 NGC AU58  $2,850
Liberty Gold 1899/99 $5 FS-301 MS65  $2,975
Liberty Gold 1899/99 $5 FS-301 MS65  $3,250
Liberty Gold 1908 LIBERTY $5 NGC MS66  $3,950
Indian Gold 1911 S/S $5 NGC MS62 FS-501 CAC  $6,250

These are among the best prices for rare coins on the market. Top coin dealers and coin collectors know these rare $5 Gold coins will appreciate in value, given they will become even more scarce and closely held in the years, decades and centuries to come.

Researching PCGS, NGC, ANACS and GSA-certified rare coins, antique coins and proof setson the web is one way of identifying the best prices for rare coins. However, it is by consulting an expert, who will personally guide you in purchasing $5 Gold coins that will assure the most important quality and scarcity issues are discussed up front, so as to optimize short- and long-term return on investment.

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