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May 2nd, 2018

Coin collecting is one of the world's oldest pastimes. Initially limited to the very wealthy, early aficionados included Pope Boniface VIII and Napoleon XIV. It's no surprise that collecting became known as the "Hobby of Kings". Towards the early 1800's, interest spread among the middle class who were eager to display their growing social status. Appreciation for the beautify of coins also heightened interest in acquisition, as minting practices incorporated the artistic aesthetics of the times. Around the same era, the modern discipline of numismatics emerged to create a more systematic infrastructure for studying the collection of currency around the world. Today, coin collecting remains a passionate hobby, providing both investment opportunities for the future, as well as a unique link to the past.

Coin shops have been part a of American neighborhoods for generations, giving enthusiasts the chance to share in that collective experience. In addition to buying and selling, a reputable dealer will also be able to provide cultural and historical insight on their inventory. PMJ Coins has been in business for almost two decades, serving the neighborhoods of Long Island and NYC as one of the top numismatic experts. For personal guidance, contact us at 516-869-1030 or visit to view our inventory.

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