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March 20th, 2018

Serious coin collectors usually have a specific reason for selling a rare coin. Of course, taking profits on an investment is always a good reason! But most often, avid coin collectors sell rare coins to free cash to purchase another rare coin and "fill a void" in their collections. Each rare coin sale is part of a much larger plan.

Amateur numismatists will do their research, shop around, talk to other collectors, and comb the internet for rare coin finds. Even though investing in coinage represents more of a hobby than an occupation, selling gold and silver coins can be an emotional event for this type of coin enthusiast.

By contrast, lots of people sell rare gold and silver coins just because they want the cash for other purposes, basic or extravagant! A rare coin may have been a family heirloom or part of an estate and was not part of a new owner's plans. When a person with little or no knowledge of rare coins wants to sell gold and silver coins, a little bit of expert advice can save big dough.

It is one thing to sell gold and silver coins for melt value, but getting an appraisal from an expert before selling a rare coin assures the seller that they are not missing out on the opportunity to sell a rare gold or silver coin at a much higher value.

PMJ Coins' experts consult with coin sellers and provide appraisals on Liberty Gold Coins, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars or other quality Gold and Silver Coins, as well as rare coins, proof sets and ancient currencies. When you're ready to sell a valuable coin or sell a coin collection, come see the experts at PMJ Coins. A small investment in time could be worth a bundle.

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